The Legend Begins..

Here it is then! We’re very excited to announce our brand new show celebrating the legend that is Bruce Springsteen!
We’re going to be honest with you from the start; there will be no wigs, no hats, no look-a-like nonsense, absolutely no silly gimmicks from us at all. We’re not going to be attempting to imitate The Boss or the Legendary E-Street Band.  Nobody can even begin to compare to the Mighty Minister of Rock and Roll.


We decided that we wanted to enjoy the incredible music they made together, that really did lend itself to the soundtrack of a lot of peoples’ lives.  We simply couldn’t get enough of His incredible music and we don’t think that we get to experience it enough; we desperately want these songs and the memories they paint to be constantly riding the airwaves.  The word of The Boss should ring out into the night for all to hear!


 And if you want something done…
But seriously, the only way for us as professional musicians to enjoy and experience this music at it’s maximum, is to live and breathe it the only way we know how – Live and on stage in front of an audience.
So that’s what we’re doing, and we really want you to come along and join in the ride. If together, we can capture just a spark of the fire that Bruce delivers for us night after night, then everyone should leave the concert with memories to last, and we’d have done our jobs properly.
This is everybody’s music and the soundtrack to our lives; let’s relive them and experience them together!
We make but one solitary promise to you; we will perform the music of The Boss with as much fire and spirit as we can muster, with all the expertise, production and professionalism that has seen us touring the world for decades now.  We will present to you the most accurate and reverent renditions of some of the finest rock and roll music ever made, by some of the best professional musicians around.  Nothing will stop us giving you the best quality that you deserve, and a quality that we hope will carry the torch for as long as possible.
Much Love and Understanding, ‘in the name of ‘The Boss’…
The Legends Team.